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Dementia Awareness Training

April 4, 2012

Feedback from a recent training event has suggested that it might be most usefull to hold dementia awareness sessions that are structured as drop-ins/ interactive events – working with organisations such as Alzhiemers society, Social Services and Wrexham Carers Service; holding information days for carers where Carers can visit different organisations in one place.

The traditional training session format can be difficult as each Carer wants different things and the realisation that a family member is in the latter stages of their dementia can be an emotional experience.

Information that Carers have told us is important/ questions Carers asked were around finance, lasting power of attourney, emergency first aid and moving and handling are useful insights and could be addressed at awareness sessions by involving Health and Social Service practitioners and by making access to online information/ training resources is available.

An example of Online resources available in Wrexham are:

  1. The Council’s Online Carers Pages – Power of Atourney advice
  2. First Aid Awareness Online Information/ Training Course (email for information and access to this training)
  3. Moving and Handling Information/ Training Course (email for information and access to this training) – Social Services Occupational Therapy offer advice – more information can be found by clicking here

Other resources include Wrexham Libraries Carers Collection; books and DVDs for Carers including information about caring for someone who experiences dementia (DVDs are being delivered soon)

More general information can be found on the Council’s Online Carers Pages

Please let me know if this information is useful –


Os dymunwch gael y ddogfen hon yn Gymraeg, cysylltwch â:

If you would like this document in Welsh Please contact:


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