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Helping the Person You Care-for Find Their Identity

‘Mothering Our Mothers with Alzheimer’s and Dementia’ is a story about how engaging with a meaningful activity can help a person who experiences the effects of dementia recall memories and re-connect with their identity.

“I struggled to find a way to reach her. Doctors and nurses were pessimistic about my chances of accessing my mother’s memory and ultimately communicating with her, a woman who had once been full of life and light; a woman who valued her work and independence.” but with support to connect with a past passion, the outcomes for both mother and daughter were positive

 “When I asked my mother if she would like to paint again, her eyes suddenly sparkled, and she answered, ‘Yes, I remember better when I paint.”

The full article can be read here –

Have you had a similar experience? yet?…

Os dymunwch gael y ddogfen hon yn Gymraeg, cysylltwch â:


Dying Matters

Does your loved one know about your end of life wishes? Do you know about theirs?

Have you talked about it?

Dying Matters Week (May 14th to 18th 2012) is encouraging people to talk about their wishes towards the end of their lives. It’s in everyone’s interest to talk about it. Useful information can be found here

Diane Waters, a Social Worker at Nightingale House Wrexham talks about an opportunity to talk…

“We’re holding a drop-in session on Monday 14th 1.30 – 3.30pm here at Nightingale House. It’s a chance to talk about and find out why it may be helpful to let others know your wishes. We can talk about the practicalities too; families spend years planning weddings, they’re important… we shouldn’t forget how important funerals are, but there’s a taboo about talking about them!…”

This event is to recognise Dying Matters Week 14th – 18th May 2012.


Os dymunwch gael y ddogfen hon yn Gymraeg, cysylltwch â:

In the shoes of Karen… supporting both of my parents with dementia…

Karen shares her experience “…I manage by acting on passions…passions for fairness, kindness and caring for people in a real, personal and meaningful way. Having a sometimes irresistible urge to solve problems or at least trying to make things the best they can be. Seeking opportunities to help others, even in small ways is vital…”

Read the full, incitefull story here

Karen, thank you for sharing your experience

Dementia Awareness Training

Feedback from a recent training event has suggested that it might be most usefull to hold dementia awareness sessions that are structured as drop-ins/ interactive events – working with organisations such as Alzhiemers society, Social Services and Wrexham Carers Service; holding information days for carers where Carers can visit different organisations in one place.

The traditional training session format can be difficult as each Carer wants different things and the realisation that a family member is in the latter stages of their dementia can be an emotional experience.

Information that Carers have told us is important/ questions Carers asked were around finance, lasting power of attourney, emergency first aid and moving and handling are useful insights and could be addressed at awareness sessions by involving Health and Social Service practitioners and by making access to online information/ training resources is available.

An example of Online resources available in Wrexham are:

  1. The Council’s Online Carers Pages – Power of Atourney advice
  2. First Aid Awareness Online Information/ Training Course (email for information and access to this training)
  3. Moving and Handling Information/ Training Course (email for information and access to this training) – Social Services Occupational Therapy offer advice – more information can be found by clicking here

Other resources include Wrexham Libraries Carers Collection; books and DVDs for Carers including information about caring for someone who experiences dementia (DVDs are being delivered soon)

More general information can be found on the Council’s Online Carers Pages

Please let me know if this information is useful –


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Caring for someone who experiences dementia

Some resources I have found in response to questions I have been asked…

  1. Knowledge of how to deal with dementia as a Carer – the impact dementia has on my life?
  2. How can i find a better way of dealing with stress?

Information resources (*Who Cares? *Understanding Dementia *Coping with Dementia *Facing Dementia) suggest some things to consider as; looking after yourself/ taking a break and talking to others/ people in similar circumstances & people working in support of Carers.

You can talk to someone from Social Services and find/ plan support for you as a Carer and as an individual alongside your caring role, this might include speaking with your GP or another person who works in support of people (*Carers Information *Carers Needs Assessment Process  *Wrexham Carers Service)

The National (Wales) Dementia Helpline offers a confidential listening, emotional and practical support service that is available 24 hours a day (safe, confidential, non-judgemental and experienced)


Os dymunwch gael y ddogfen hon yn Gymraeg, cysylltwch â:

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